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Apr 17 17 12:56 PM

DH7 is so good, on pair with 6 and Beach Mix imo.

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Posts: 113 B14ck C4ndy Kuut3r

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Apr 17 17 1:58 PM

I kinda expected something different for the PV for W FACE. Something with a lot more edge to it but would love to have the HQ version of it and make my own custom covers for the albums.

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Apr 17 17 5:18 PM

Probably W FACE's music video will be included on the tour's DVD/BD. Soon we'll have it in high-def.
Hope we get some background movies too. I miss 'em.
I got really sad 'cause "Shhh!" wasn't on BSC's DVD/BD last year...

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Apr 17 17 7:49 PM

DH7 is so bad ass, almost every remix on that album is great except for the last two. I have had all the remixes on repeat, even played them at a friends house party and they were shocked that Koda Kumi went this route (some people know her but more or less from her Kingdom days and before then) and a lot of them said they started listening to her again because of what I showed them.

Really obsessed with Damn real lately, I find myself constantly obsessed with the song. Maybe I will make a dance routine to it. It's so good.

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Apr 18 17 12:42 AM

As much as I wanted the cute Kumi to go away, I am definitely going to miss her "well made" cute parts. Not the ones she was presenting us like during the dejavu tour. That was too much.

But this musical type Kumi. I think this is totally her

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Apr 19 17 2:05 AM

^ I have been super obsessed with Damn Real too! Both W Face and DH7 version and also Bangerang on DH7 version. I actually think Damn Real is the best song on the album now lol.

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Apr 19 17 2:08 AM

If anyone still cares...
W FACE 6th week sales:
#96 Inside - 532 (total 26,930)
#97 Outside - 528 (total 26,835)
Total sales 53,765

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Apr 19 17 3:25 AM

Damn Real was a highlight to me from the start because she managed to write very flowy lyrics that complement the melody and the mood of the song.

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Apr 19 17 4:30 AM

Damn real has such great lyrics!
It's just awesome, how she's playing with the colour blue in it. Not surprised this also seems to be the colour for the performance.

Also one from my favourites from the start. As well as W FACE, Insane and Bangerang.

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Apr 20 17 7:55 PM

Ah! I am so happy seeing all this love for "Damn real" it really is such a great song its so damn good! I cant stop listening to it. Everything from the flow of the verses, to the catchy bridge and to that amazing drop. It's just perfection!

I actually DID NOT like Insane AT ALL when I heard the preview. But then the song came out and I was like "UMM O_o WTF? This is so good! Are you kidding me?" It's one of her rock kinda songs without sounding too over the top rock (sorry but I really detest the majority of her rock songs) I love the rapid rap part moments in the song, only wish she did it more frequently haha. Drinking in the tub, party party like a boss, we dont we dont give a fuck! I love that part

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Apr 23 17 1:43 PM

okumura wrote:
Probably W FACE's music video will be included on the tour's DVD/BD. Soon we'll have it in high-def.
Hope we get some background movies too. I miss 'em.
I got really sad 'cause "Shhh!" wasn't on BSC's DVD/BD last year...

I think so too, which is why I decided to not buy the album at the tour. 

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May 12 17 12:21 PM

Seems so
They sent once a week each of the 9 parts of the image, so you can form the full picture like the 12 singles project.
I think there's more to come


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May 15 17 12:20 PM

Maybe a summer single

But see, this year is the only one that matches her debut. December 6th is going to be WED again. Think she's gonna close the cycle with the 60th single
At least I think it would be beautiful and meaningful
With a new version of TAKE BACK as a bonus track

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Jun 8 17 3:59 PM

Is this trap? I mean, dead?

Anyway, although it is very late... I'd like to share my thoughts on W FACE. Cause this is some polarizing shit.

Inside is harmless, more of the same. Nothing wrong with that, it delivers on it's "promise" of being more of the "emotional" Kumi, without falling into Cutesy, and I appreciate that.

With that said, I really don't care for the album. "On My Way" is slightly disappointing, as I expected something similar to "Ai Wo Tomenaide"/"Koishikute"/"You", etc. But it just loops and loops, it never reaches any heights. I still enjoy the song, it just isn't anything that will stand out within her ballad catalog.

"Promise You" is my favorite song. It delivers. "What's Up?" And "Bridget Song" (who da f is Bridget anyway?) are cute.

On to the hot one; Outside. I had HIGH hopes for this shit, because "W-FACE"/ULTRAVIOLET/Bassline/Wicked Girls all sounded very hot.... And they are for the most part.

My biggest gripe with the new tracks (mostly), is that they're messy. W-FACE is really hot until the second verse and "de barest, de barest". I would've loved to hear her hold those notes, with no "baddest" in between. It just ruins that section. Otherwise, the song is such a great opening track and one of my favorites.

ULTRAVIOLET is a mess after the second chorus, but it works anyway. I love it. It has energy, sass, cringe, the word "twerk", a catchy hook and chorus. What's there to dislike?.

"Bassline" has one basic ass... Bassline. But it works, and while I think the rap was uncalled for, I can live with it. I really love the hook. A hot song.

"Shhh!" I hadn't heard before until I played the album for the first time. I LOVE IT. It's sassy, its fun. The chorus is catchy. It could definitely fit in with "Show Me Your Holla", and "Bassline" as part of a single or something.

"Bangerang" I enjoy, you can't tell me that the intro and out-tro DO NOT feature the word "Ass". What's up with the brass instruments carrying the melody AGAIN though? It gets old. Anyway, I like it. Its not necessarily memorable, but it is consistent. Nothing that makes you wonder WHY THE F they threw in some random rap, or whatever.

"Wicked Girls". This one has the best bassline tbh. I love it, the chorus has been stuck in my head ever since the promos came out. It's just so short... I wish it was a little longer.

"Cupcake" is harmless. Not necessarily worth closing an album with, but whatever. Besides a barely memorable guest, its a nice short song.

Now... "Heartless" had to fill the mandatory "you must have a ballad up in this bitch" rule. But it feels so out of place, especially as it follows that piece of crap that is "Insane". I enjoyed her vocals, the English is awkward sometimes (Crose Crosou!!), but I don't find it distracting enough as to take something away from the song. I could've done with it, tbh.

"Damn Real" is SO melodic and pretty until she begins singing about dejavus or some shit, and the chorus (although not bad), JUST DOESN'T FIT IN WITH THE VERSES. It pops up out of nowhere and kills the whole melody. The chorus would be nice for a filler "club" song or the like. Don't get me wrong, I like the song and enjoy listening to it, but it could've easily been the "ballad" and album closer, had it featured a better chorus. Still, what a wasted opportunity.

Now "Insane" must be a joke. Reminiscent of "Walk Of My Life" a.k.a "WTF happened to Kumi". What is this shit? If anyone were to blame Kumi for "chasing trends" and "wanting to be Beyonce", I would've slapped a bitch. But I heard this piece of garbage and it validates those comments (and the ULTRAVIOLET look in its video too, tbh). I DO like the bridge "one by one they're falling down", and the little two lines in the chorus "let go yume no sekai something" or whatever. But the rest of the track is such a mess, nothing exactly new as she played with "rapping on a rock song that is upbeat enough to dance to" before, but this is absolute garbage.

And that's about how I feel about Outside. I definitely believe it is a hot album, if a little short. But tracks 3/4/5 are messy, coupled with sections in songs that feel contrived and random (ULTRAVIOLET's little rap/bridge hybrid is one of those too) take it away from some of the songs. Sometimes less is more girl! I miss Electro Pop and EDM, I would prefer it over brass instruments, finger snaps, rapping, and that piece of shit that is Insane.

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