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Apr 16 17 11:43 AM

lavender wrote:
After listening to the full version, I think Pa sounds quite like Have a nice day. It's a upbeat song and really catchy though.
I'm waiting for the b-sides. I hope she will give us something fresh.
Where did you listen?

Pa's cover were changed, Kana doesn't have the pineapple on her head anymore on both covers.

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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or maybe the mandela effect is real and we all have the same false memory of her having the pineapple on her head...

i'm really mad they changed it, it looks a lot better with it on her head.

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All I can see is that pineapple is now in the air and not on her head, a slight change, but I liked the previous one better.

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I liked the previous covers better too. BTW, I heard the full version and I liked it, loved the chorus. Can't wait to see the music video.

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evilsin wrote:
I just stumbled upon Pa and it's freaking adorable. Not to mention it's catchy as hell! Get that summer smash, Kana.
You're absolutely right! It's catchy as hell! The chorus can't get out of my head.smiley: roll

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