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Mar 19 17 12:47 PM

She sounds so good. Yea I definitely got that soulful/r&b vibe too. She has sounded really amazing this era. I do wonder what direction will she learn towards under her new label. I know it won't happen but I do want 1 more R&B/pop album from her.

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Mar 20 17 4:08 AM

Wow, that was great, they both sound very good. Haven't heard the original, this does sound like a totally new collab after Tomodachi.

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Apr 3 17 3:10 AM

Aww, I love her hair longer for Fantome, not really a fan of this one, kinda like a worse version of HEART STATION hair, but YAY for new music.

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Apr 18 17 4:08 AM

Such a smart move to acquire her songs. I guess it's easier for her, considering she wrote them all by herself. And I totally wouldn't mind another album this year.

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Apr 21 17 2:51 PM

raito7 wrote:
According with this article, the rumour is that Hikki will release a new album this year yet.

It says some things about the Sony transfer, like it costed 1 billion yen, the contract is valid for 3 years ans that Hikki brought all the masters of her old songs to Sony.
The news that she would release a new album within the year was already made clear when she announced her transfer to Epic. 

That, and the part about U3 possibly buying over all the master licenses to her songs is speculation on the part of the writer - the idea is that since Hikki had already clashed once with Universal over the release of the Utada best she never gave an okay to (and on the same day as "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION Vol. 2", to further add fuel to the fire), there was no way she was going to leave the master licenses to the songs with her former (?) label, as that'd be allowing them to release best album after best album. In addition, the person who wrote the article also speculated that since her contract with Sony is for three years, the number of albums and singles she'd have to release would've already been determined, and it is possible that one of them would have to be a best album. In such an event, she wouldn't have enough material for a new best, hence why it is likely that Teruzane bought over all the master licenses, and hence the gargantuan amount of money that went into her contract, making it on par with that of an A-list baseball player.

The article does raise an issue I've been worrying about ever since Hikki announced her transfer, which would be that of creative freedom - her management team of Miyake Akira, Okita Hidenobu and Kaji Nozomu, who've been with her since she debuted, were the ones who ensured she had her creative control while at EMI (and later Universal), but even though they've made the move with her to Epic, it's more likely than not the top brass at Sony would want her to tone down some of her more daring tunes and make them appeal more to the masses.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

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Apr 21 17 4:59 PM

luminaire, the last part of your post worries me Frown Hikki wouldn't be Hikki without 5-minutes-on-her-Mac Mikihead (old joke that few on here will know about probably)

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May 29 17 1:39 PM

Sheena Ringo's interview talking about Hikki, translated by Nuuk/Hikkitext's twitter.

Translation of SR interview (whre she is talking about Hikki)
Interviewer(I): In September (2016) you did a duet with Utada-san for "Nijikan Dake no Vacance" on her album"Fantôme."(Ref: So the return of Utada-san, which Sheena-san said you had been longing for it in the previous Power Push interview (Ref: is finally realized. What do you think about the "returned" Utada-san?

Sheena Ring(SR): Cute!

I: What the? (lol)

SR: I love her because she's so like a boy! (In the Power Push interview) I said this and that about the music scene or loneliness whatnot, but put simply, I just wanted her to come back because I love her. Because I was lonely. Because I was so dying to see her that I was trembling. (lol) It can't be reasoned. I always think, that girls must be cool and boys must be cute.

I: Ah, I get it.

SR: You do? I like such a woman who's like a heroine in a boy's comic. That's the point I like about MIKIKO-sensei (Ref: and Hikaru-chan. I grew up reading "Big Comic Spirits." (Ref: a Japanese weekly manga magazine for boys) (lol)

I: As described in that song, both of you are a wife and mother. I guess now you two have more common subjects to talk with probably?

SR: I think we are talking about everything. (lol)

I: So it appears the returns of Utada-san and Ozawa-san (Ref: Ozawa Kenji) have added some nice touches to Sheena-san's daily life probably.

SR: A lot. I'm happy. Acutally, I wanted them to join in the Rio project (Ref: Rio Olympics & Paralympics flag hand-over ceremonies) if various situations had allowed us to do that.

Also, here's the PUNPEE remix of B&C played during the livestream set. 

Last Edited By: raito7 May 29 17 4:56 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 15 17 3:09 PM

Fantome is fantastic, much better than HEART STATION and maybe even better than ULTRA BLUE which was my favourite Hikki's album ever. I can't wait for her new music!!!!

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Jun 16 17 11:36 AM

New digital single, "oozora de dakishimetai", to be released on 10th July. CM song for Suntory's Tennensui series, just like "michi" was. 

You can view 30-second and 60-second versions of the CM at her homepage.

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Jun 16 17 11:46 AM

Sounds like Distance groovy meets Heart Station. Also, the fact the single will be released worldwide in July 10 makes me think she might be working on English songs for a worldwide release later.

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#1480 post_url

Jun 16 17 3:12 PM

Fantome sold very well on iTunes and that's almost entirely in Japanese. She doesn't technically have to do anything in English and a ton of us will buy it.
Not that I wouldn't mind English tracks.

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