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Apr 10 17 3:50 AM

Oooooooooooooooh, gimme dat! Looks nice. The setlist though... only 11 songs from the albums and W FACE only as a PV. Choices.

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Apr 10 17 9:14 AM

It's 12 from the albums, 13 if you count W FACE as it probably has a purpose. 
I'm fine with Shhh! and Cupcake being left out, as they already were performed.
Just sad about Bangerang.
And Promise you seems to be a song she's going to switch with another song from inside, probably Yorkobi no Kakera.

You can take a look here (also at the costumes):


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#1945 post_url

Apr 10 17 9:09 PM

Why on earth does this setlist exist? And honestly, she really had to cover songs from ETERNITY, AGAIN?! Like, girl come on what are you doing...

As much as I love LOADED, she really has to put that song to rest...

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#1946 post_url

Apr 11 17 3:25 AM

I can't count, lol. Everytime the same thing with the setlist - you expect all the songs from the new album and some hidden gems, which is usually not that simple to achieve, especially considering how there are 20 songs this time around, hidden gems won't be performed due to, well, their uknown status among the fans who attend and those staple hit songs NEED to be performed. Oh well, maybe we'll get another Dirty Ballroom or Billboard Live someday.

Puta, that sounds a bit too busy.

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Apr 12 17 12:58 AM

W FACE 5th week sales:
#100 Inside - 607 (total 26,398)
#92 Outside - 636 (total 26,307)
Total sales 52,705

Hopefully with the tour, it will boost it up to 30k each

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Apr 12 17 10:18 PM

The huge led screen makes the hall look HUGE
and I loved it
But hope there are more elements on the stage during the performances


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#1955 post_url

Apr 15 17 3:04 AM

Video's pretty good. Already tons better than most of the actual videos released this era. But it also a. looks like a WALK OF MY LIFE video to me (reminded me of Dance In The Rain a bit), and 2. works better as a tour PV than an actual PV to me. But ah well

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#1956 post_url

Apr 15 17 5:06 AM

Is it me or does it seem like shes singing a totally different song?

I think the video would look better in HQ, but glad to see it regardless! It's really pretty and reminiscent of Dance In The Rain, though I would have preferred her do a dance routine to that amazing drop!

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Apr 17 17 4:03 AM

I really like the WFACE PV although it does look like a background video for the tour, still it's hips better than the album ones.

Finally had the chance to listen to DH7 this weekend and it actually might be my favorite so far. Color me surprised.

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