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Jan 25 17 6:01 AM

We didn't say liking the music, said keeping interested in the artist as a whole, but then again I guess we know better than anyone our own feelings on something lol

Just like I loved Ninjari / Invader and I was really into her, she released mottai and hajimari, they weren't great but I was still listening to them and excited for the next.

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Feb 1 17 6:21 PM

I kinda dig the video. Skimmed through the comments and everyone apparently absolutely hates it, but iunno. I feel like it fits. Nice blend of Western meets Eastern, and it's more Nakata than Kyary as a whole (as it should be). The song's great too

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Feb 1 17 8:42 PM

The main people who dislike it are the really fucking annoying teen KPP army weaboo fans

I'm in a group on facebook and I got into an argument and everyone is ranting their head off about her face being on a woman in a bikini and all of this insane shit, half the comments on the video are from people in that group, it's a mess
They even said before the song even came out that they didn't like Charli collabing with her and that her 'trampy slut' vibe isn't right to be in a song with Kyary

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Feb 1 17 8:43 PM

Meanwhile they refuse to see:

1. It beat Kyary's half of the song on most charts
2. It's a nakata solo project with her featuring, I don't understand why they were expecting this to be a big kyary thing

But then again it's hilarious watching a bunch of sad little kids half of whom still go to school and have no education outside of that lecture everyone on how music should be done, what Kyary would have wanted, and how the music industry works, the best is when they're saying it's empty, typical western music etc
Because there's not a qt kawaii japanese girl jumping around in a crazy colorful dress talking about some shit that doesn't make any sense
Some of them called this trash and nakata didn't care etc, but when I brought up KPP's 'Mi Mi Mi' they said it was amazing song with lots of layers, even tho it's literally 90% of her saying 'mi' for a candy ad 

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Mar 10 17 6:34 PM

evilsin wrote:
I read that it's an Easter themed single. Kinda interesing, didn't know the Japanese even celebrated Easter.

they adopt pretty much any western holiday just for the fun factor, even though it's not an official holiday, such as they do for Christmas and Halloween.

i was actually starting to worry that this single would also be postponed. new album next?

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Apr 5 17 3:38 AM

I mean, I don't dig the song but I can still apreciate it for what it's trying to be. It's very upsetting to see "articles" like that one on Arama Japan. The "writer" just bashes her because he didn't like the song, ugh. Why everyone gotta be so extra these days?

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Apr 5 17 8:07 AM

I can appreciate that it's a change and it's trying something new so it's nice in that sense, I think it's boring AF and her worst but I still bought it because KPP is queen

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