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Feb 28 17 1:48 AM

Sonically, I Got Love is definitely the more interesting. The music video for Fine was pretty neat though, it definitely got some of the money via the effects (AND THEY LET HER OUT TOO)

Also yeah called it I'd feel the sads. DAT DRAMATIC PAUSE IN THE MUSIC VIDEO

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Feb 28 17 6:28 AM

The song is fine, I can see it growing on me, Why is still my favorite of hers. The MV is nice, I like the overall colors. I need to not forget to check her album out.

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Feb 28 17 7:06 PM

I agree, Why is my fave of hrs tbh. Definitely out of the title tracks, maybe out of all of them
I think if I had to rank the title tracks (counting all that have MVs in this case), I'd say Why > I Got Love > Rain > Starlight > 11:11 > Fine > I. Not to say any of them are bad by any means

Solid album overall. Sweet Love / When I Was Young / Lonely Night are my least faves, and it's funny that they're all grouped together. Again, not bad, just nto as great. My fave album tracks are Cover Up, Time Lapse, Love in Color, and Eraser.
Although...going from (it's not) Fine to Feel So Fine to I'm Okay......very conflicting messages here Taebb lolol

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Feb 28 17 9:35 PM

I agree that Fine is probably her weakest title track but it's still a good track (love the MV as well). Damn, the whole album is pretty great. I'm definitely impressed.

Time Lapse is just amazing.

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Mar 3 17 6:29 PM

I got love, fire, eraser, cover up and love in color are the gems.

title-track-wise: 11:11 - I got love - I - why - rain - fine

but I love them all - she is surprisingly solid compared to GG itself.

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Mar 4 17 4:52 AM

Right?? Why deserved more than just the threeish performances we got lolol. I'd love to see I Got Love performed tbh. Not sure what other song would go well for a typical TV performance, probably Cover Up? Or Feel So Fine. But I guess Taeyeon's straying from the typical promotion routine overall haha


Another live already!

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Mar 4 17 10:34 AM

I'd bet on When I Was Young and Feel So Fine but they usually perform 1 1/2 songs during their first week and it looks like she's only singing Fine so we won't get any?

I hope she goes on Sketchbook!

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Mar 28 17 8:53 PM

Dammit, I just received my copy of the album not too long ago. She's releasing a deluxe version soon. I remember her talking about working on 2 tracks not too long ago, I should've held back on buying the album.

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Mar 30 17 11:30 PM

Any more info on the deuxe edition? Like in terms of tracklisting and all. It's not like an actual repackage so this is interesting to me

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Posts: 2,665 Mohtorboat

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Apr 2 17 11:22 PM

There's even two editions of it, y'all! Sky version and Blossom version.
Album packaging. Photo is huge, jsyk!

image image image image image image

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