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Aug 17 16 5:19 PM

Lovin You surprised me!
I was ready to write it off as another boring ballad (I don't understand Japanese so ballads are limited to enjoying the music, arrangements, vocals, etc) but the chorus kicked in and I was all about it.
Excited for this single!

As for Crystal's decline in popularity, I am sure its a combination of factors.
Her ethnicity/being perceived as a foreigner being one of them, the decline of r&b's popularity in Japan (or phasing out of the pop cycle), and of course the natural up and down of any long lasting career (a commercially successful/popular music career is not guaranteed

I think the most glaring "Oh." moment is that in the majority of Crystal's videos she is rarely the protagonist of the MV narrative, but rather the narrator.
Meaning time and time again they hire someone more "traditionally" Japanese in appearance to sell the love story and Kuri is regulated to being the omnipotent narrator-singer

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Sep 3 16 11:23 AM

I like "Lovin U" too,

As for my point about her skin color in my previous post, my intention was not to talk about any discrimination, just the way her labels might have found it difficult to market her as a non foreigner (Japanese artist) who looks like a foreign (more than those who are half white) non-Japanese-speaking artist.

@ Odyism, I agree.

I heard CK appeared in the 4th ep of Non Mama Hakusho, the one with her theme song "Lovin u". I'll probably post a link tomorrow. I don't think she had a "speaking role" but it is a good news for her, if she ever gets a (real) role again in the future... waiting for this series to be subbed, by the way.

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Feb 2 17 2:20 AM

New digital single "Faces". Kinda bummed that it looks like they rehashing the cover of "Lovin' You".

M1 Faces
M2 REVOLUTION(PKCZ(R) Remix feat. SWAY / Club Citta' Live)

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Mar 17 17 1:09 PM

Yeah... she can do better. She recently talked about an unreleased track she recorded in New York... or maybe I misunderstood. Hopefully we have something different soon.

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Mar 18 17 5:12 AM

^ She posted a short video of a live performance on her Insta. Hope it's gonna be released eventually, it sounded different.

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Mar 18 17 6:31 AM

I am really sweet when it comes to her; until she's active and doing with heart what she's doin', I am pleased 😇❤️

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Mar 20 17 4:03 AM

RicH wrote:
I am really sweet when it comes to her; until she's active and doing with heart what she's doin', I am pleased 😇❤️

That's like my situation with Kuu, haha. Still to get the bland Shine after the superb VIVID was such a sucker punch.

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