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Aug 5 15 8:57 PM

I like the song, its a fun summer jam. I just wish they had their signature sound with the saxophone lol.

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Feb 15 16 5:57 PM

Hyomin is doing a comeback. She's working with B2ST's Junhyung and producer Ryan S. Jhun.
The "album" will have 2 songs that she composed and Junhyung wrote one of them. Possibly March.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

#1007 post_url

Mar 16 16 3:28 PM

01 Gold
02 Road trip
03 Sketch
04 아직은 (Ajigeun)
05 우리의 이야기를 우리만 모르는 채 (Uriui Iyagireul Uriman Moreuneun Chae)
06 Sketch (Chinese Ver.)
07 Sketch (Chorus Ver.)

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Mar 16 16 11:09 PM

The song is just...there.

She pulled off the side bewb and cooch shots though. She deserved a HyunA grade dance track for going hard like that.

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Mar 17 16 12:53 AM

There's a problem when there's a dance break in a song and it still sounds bland. She has a good voice, but it doesn't
go with this song. If they're going to keep the music the same, she needs to change how she sings. Her voice is too
soft to pull this off.

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#1010 post_url

Mar 17 16 2:49 PM

Eh. Going to agree with Jaxxia and SushiBoat on this one.

I like it, but her voice is too soft for this kind of song and why the dance break for such a mellow song? Nice Body was better.

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Nov 11 16 12:01 AM

Well, I am hoping for a repackage mini album with a better title track than this. This sounds so basic. I mean, it's not terrible but come on T-ara, why are you being so generic?

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Feb 17 17 10:16 PM

I don't know if anyone has been paying attention, but the girls have been redeemed.  They were not bullying anyone.

 Not sure whether the hate in SK is going to calm down now but Hwayoung is getting the hate now. 
Doesn't sound like SK has learned their lesson., but I guess that's not the point.

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Feb 19 17 5:29 PM

I tried to post this several times but the website kept giving me 505 errors.

So let's try this again.  I'm going to go over the original drama and what happened recently

Here's the translation of the Dispatch news

I'm just going to summarize what's there.

What we saw

Hwayoung being helped to walk at the SK airport.

When the concert starts, she only preforms one song, sitting down in a leg cast.

Hyomin makes that ambiguous post before the concert and the members start RTing in agreement.

Hwayoung is not on SK Music Bank stage.  Hwayoung is kicked out with contract termination.

What happened behind the scene

Hwayoung twists her ankle.  Goes to the hospital in SK and JPN, is told everything is fine, just be careful with it.

T-ara minus Hwayoung goes to rehearsal at the concert venue.  The staff rework the choreography and the whole setup.

Hwayoung decides to go to the hotel and salon, bypassing the rehearsal.  It gets back to the girls and staff.

Hyomin tries to talk to Hwayoung.  It didn't go well.  Hyomin makes 'that tweet'.  The girls RT agreeing.  The concert occurs.  

The girls return to SK.  Hyomin tires again to talk with Hwayoung.  This conversation seems to go well.

Except Hyoyoung(the sister) sends threatening texts to Areum.  Areum tells the girls.

Hyomin tells Hwayoung to resolve the situation at backstage at Music Bank.  Hwayoung leaves.  The remaining girls preform.

A few days later, CCM makes an announcement and Hwayoung is out of the group.  


So this all came up because the twins, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung, went on a show TAXI and played the scandal up again.

A former staff member got pissed off that they were still trying to play the victim and revealed the above.

They had receipts and a copy of the texts that were sent to Areum.  

Dispatch was able to confirm with several sources about what happened behind the scenes.

Now the twins are being called snakes.



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Mar 15 17 9:05 PM

They have a comeback in May. This will also be their last comeback as 6 members.
The contracts end in May so some might stay, others might go.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

#1020 post_url

Mar 15 17 10:51 PM

Well, if they end up breaking up, I at least hope their last release has some bops. >_>

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