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Mar 6 16 11:49 PM

OH NO. Best wishes to her ;;

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Jun 20 16 9:14 AM

Stumbled upon this old live of theirs. I hate how K-Pop acts do these amazing alternate versions for their lives sometimes because they never release the audio for listening (also when did they change the choreo because this is so much better and I don't ever remember seeing it before)

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Oct 3 16 11:49 PM

Funny, I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant with some friends yesterday and their TV played solely K-Pop. HELLO BUBBLE came on during our dinner. Glad to see they're taking hairography lessons from Seohyun and Yuri lawl

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Mar 14 17 6:21 PM


Sneak peek during MV shooting

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Mar 14 17 10:24 PM

photoshop or plastic?

Yura's the only one who I didn't recognize at first glace, and I think it's cuz they changed her hair so drastically compared to her usual style. But yeah, they do look quite different, Minah especially (dem brows so anger gurl)

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Kinda reminds me of Macaron, with that jazzy swing. The video look interesting though, kind of the opposite of what the title would insinuate. But it looks like they're slightly throwbacking to their quirkier image days, just with a mature upgrade lolol

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