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Mar 5 17 4:17 AM

How is there a karaoke room themed for this abum when most of the songs aren't out yet loooool

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Mar 5 17 1:48 PM

Oh God, I feel bad that her PVs are looking the way they are. Mosto of her previous albums had simple, low budget videos, but these are looking a little too simple... With that said, Bassline sounds goood and Insane sounds like a Walk Of My Life leftover, ewww. What's up? Reminds me of La La La La La. Ultraviolet is popping though.

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Mar 5 17 4:47 PM

Insane has that god awful nasal voice she does in her lives that I absolutely hate.....So not really looking forward to that.

Bassline is sounding great though!

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Mar 5 17 6:24 PM

Bassline sounds great. Insane sounds indeed like it was meant for WOML and I like it. What's Up might be a better version of Kuuchan's typical pop/rock song. Again, so far I'm not raving for anything in particular. I'm gonna enjoy the shit out of Promise You which falls into the same perfect pop category of HOTEL and Gimme U but the only standout track as of now remains Shhh. We'll see...can't wait no more, they've been hyping this shit for too long already, now everything pops up out of nowhere we ain't got time for 2 months releasing schedules.

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Mar 6 17 2:43 AM

Not sure I am going to love Insane, it just sounds so annoying. As chewzy said, she does that ear piercing nasal voice she does during her lives sometimes that I find almost excruciating. Everything else sounds amazing though.

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Mar 6 17 10:26 AM

LiDaYu wrote:
In Q&A part of the fc, a fan asked kuuchan advice about à song perfect for a wedding... she replied "Promise you"


Thank you guys!! I'm in love with promise you <3

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Mar 6 17 3:05 PM

Can't believe we're finally getting W FACE tomorrow... Looks like I've been waiting for years since the announcement!!
(Oh, by the way... I'm new here... Hello, everyone~)

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#1678 post_url

Mar 6 17 11:35 PM

DeepFried wrote:
Welcome okumura! Are you a long time Kuu fan?

Well, I started to listen her songs in the end of 2013, when I accidentally discovered Fergie's collaboration with some japanese singer. At first try, I didn't really liked it, then I looked for Kuu's other songs. Then, yep, I felt true love, lol. After "Bon Voyage" release I couldn't stop to listen and watch her anymore. Since then, Kuu's always on top for me...

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Mar 7 17 12:49 AM

W FACE - Outside -
Insane, Damn Real , Heartless , Bassline ,  Bangerang and W FACE are  Instant Masterpieces imageimage  I need CPR 

W FACE - Inside - 

Love every song ^_^ 
What's Up and My fun are so good  ^_^  

Last Edited By: Ginko Mar 7 17 5:45 AM. Edited 2 times.

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