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Jan 23 17 10:52 AM

If I'm right there were rumors that back at the old version of this forum, some of the ★★★big names★★★ WERE members. XD
Someone wrote Namie Amuro had someone who translated our chit-chat etc etc XDD

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Jan 23 17 12:30 PM

↑ lol i wonder if that's true. Namie sitting back being read to by one of her minions our banter...

i don't think it makes someone vain to go online and read what people write about them. wouldn't you want to know?

forget one of the ~biggest~ forums, isn't this one of the ONLY jpop forums anymore? i guess the jps forum is pretty active...if anyone knows of any forums more active than this one please let me know, because this forum is so boring i only come here for the oricon thread pretty much.

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Jan 24 17 2:21 AM

^ Maybe not necessarily vain, considering people like to know what others think about them, but it's still all about the person who want to know. And no matter how great the feedback is, it usually takes this one comment that might break you. Hikki already got a twitter, she doesn't need some forum as well.

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Feb 2 17 8:25 PM

Ooh I wasn't expecting her to sing on it too. Their blend sounds pretty good. I was expecting a more upbeat rock sound, but it fits her current aesthetic. Not bad at all Hikki

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Feb 9 17 9:28 AM

Hikki is changing labels to Sony Music sublabel Epic Records. I hope they keep her material in Youtube free for international fans and keep working in her international releases too.

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Feb 9 17 11:31 AM

Utada is an FBI agent. She's investigating the mafia behind labels. Next time she'll go after avex
During her Exodus era she got brainwashed and illuminated


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uncle Jemima

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Feb 9 17 12:25 PM

does anyone else remember that picture of Ayu and Hikki on TV together and it looked like they were talking to each other, and somebody made the caption "so Ayu your album isn't doing very good on Oricon" and then "yes, and your husband still has problem with erection?" or something like that?

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Feb 11 17 11:40 AM

im trying to think of what implications this record label switch could mean for her music. Epic Records I believe is the label for Aqua Timez, Ikimonogakari, 7!!, SCANDAL, GOT7 in JP, was for Angela Aki. Maybe she's the new Angela Aki the label needs? lol. But there's definitely a singer-songwriter focus.

If I'm not mistaken too, I believe Sony handles the distribution of Square Enix music products, which could then make it a perfect tie to her KH activities.

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Feb 11 17 1:24 PM

In the US, Epic Records is also the label of people like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Jlo, 5th Harmony and others, so I think it's a great label to restart her US activities too.

But I remember at the This Is the One era, that she said that she needed Disney permission to put S&C and Sanctuary in the album, so I don't think it'll change her relation with KH that much.

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Feb 14 17 12:18 AM

^ In regards to her KH songs, I honestly think the label switch is more to favour the Japanese side of things as opposed to the English side. The reason I say that is, yeah, I do also believe S&C and Sanctuary are probably largely owned by Disney, which did complicate things for This Is The One, but her Japanese versions - she probably has more rights to those, which is probably why there hasn't been the same issue with releasing her Japanese theme songs on the KH albums, but I would think that there's definitely more profits to be made too if she was on the same label rather than probably having to lend her song's rights every time they put a variation of Hikari on a soundtrack, let's say. They've pretty much included a variation of either theme song in over half of the KH album releases - KH1 OST, KH2 OST, KH Original Complete OST, KH1.5 OST, KH2.5 OST, KH1.5+2.5 OST - that's already 6 times over the course of 15 years lol.

Regardless, I'm excited to see if her US activities will really take off this time, even though it was understandable how she wanted to focus her efforts more in Japan for Fantome given the theme of the album. I had no idea there was an Epic Records label from America side under Sony Music. I wonder if she'll transfer all her existing discography over to Sony or if Toshiba EMI / UMG will still own the rights to her discography up to Fantome. Once news of this is gets widespread, I have a feeling we might see some kind of best album come out...

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Feb 15 17 7:09 PM

Hmm...I can see it happen like it did with ayaka, which pointless. People already have her two best-albums, why release a All-time best album? I know...milk the money...but still...

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Mar 18 17 8:46 PM

From yesterday's MUSIC HUB: Utada Hikaru + Obukuro Nariaki covering Shiina Ringo's "Marunouchi Sadistic (EXPO VER.)"

She sounds great and very soulful as always, it's a great cover and I really like how it sounds like her early R&B sound.

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