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Dec 27 16 8:49 AM

^ People are suspecting the P's mix to be the ending theme for KH2.8, so it might be a "slower" version of some kind, based on how the ending themes traditionally have been. looking forward to watching that Christmas special! its definitely an unlikely pairing but both have had so much influence on the Japanese music industry in their own ways. I think Hikaru mentioned she tried to draw some influence from Oda for some of the songs on Fantome from the standpoint of wanting to create a good Japanese pop album.

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Dec 27 16 11:09 AM

She said she got the Oda influence for Hanataba wo Kimini, more exactly.

Utada will be performing live from London, according with Yahoo.

I think NHK should allow British fans to attend the performance, but it's almost impossible to happen.

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Dec 28 16 3:08 PM

^ maybe they wanna switch it up for a "ramp up" to KH3 instead of a "tone-down"? The BBS 0.2 story is probably sad enough as it is LOL...

@raito7: Oh didnt know that, thanks for that tidbit! haha Now that you mentioned it, Hanataba wo Kimi ni does definitely sound like it take influences from Oda. I think even the thought of their collab performance was like "this could definitely work", it was just unlikely cuz its like a dream collab lol. Just saw their live too of Hanataba wo Kimi ni and its probably her best live this season so far. In terms of letting British fans attend the performance, her performance will be technically part of a traditional Japanese end-of-year show that really holds no significance to the British culture imo. I think letting British fans attend that performance would be a bit of a sell-out / money grab in that sense since her performing in London is probably to do with her perhaps not being able to make it to the show physically. 

I do wonder what she will perform though - I suppose it'll probably be Hanataba wo Kimi ni since it's her best selling song of the year, no doubt. Was hoping for a live Nijikan Dake no Vacance performance at some point though, but couldn't really think of a reason or context for her to perform this song live haha...

Also just listened to the official preview of the Ray of Hope MIX - PUNPEE definitely took samples from her other songs like "traveling" to make those backing vocals in the remix - like "Let's go for a ride" at the 0:49 mark, so no stock vocals. 

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Jan 1 17 11:33 AM

I just noticed that this is Utada's first time (!) at NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. 
Does anyone know why she hasn't been invited to the show earlier?

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Jan 1 17 11:42 AM

denadel wrote:
I just noticed that this is Utada's first time (!) at NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. 
Does anyone know why she hasn't been invited to the show earlier?
I'm quite certain it's the first time she said yes. I'm sure she's been invited countless times already.

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Jan 2 17 8:03 AM

I am answering my own question here in case anyone was wondering the same thing:

I found this: "There was a rumor in '99 she was going to host AND perform but she declined because she was recording in the US. She did the same in '00 but because she was in US studying at Columbia and recording Distance. So tabloids reported NHK was pissed, didn't like being declined but Utada blogged the following year she was too busy. They stopped asking her after that. "

And also this, which was written 3 months before the show. I am mindblower to how accurate it is: "There's also the more personal and awkward reason of wanting to avoid Kiyoshi Maekawa (Keiko Fuji's first husband) as well as other contemporaries who were/are Kohaku mainstays. It's not exactly a secret that Akiko Wada held a grudge against Utada's mom, and the enka world during the Showa era was a bit of a cesspool in general. That's where the whole "we won't let Hikaru sing/hear/experience enka" thing that her parents practiced during her childhood came from.

Even if Utada does finally accept the offer (based on "other" tabloids NHK did not stop after 1999; they kept asking right up to the Heart Station era), it's going to be the relay-broadcast type situation where she sings from a different location and not physically present in the main stage."

And this: "Wada got pissy on a wide show when Utada announced her baby's birth last year. Wada sarcastically said she thinks Utada was just announcing the news to hype for a new song, people didn't like that. She's made a lot of rude comments about Utada in the past as well."

If this is true, Wada comes off as quite immature..!

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Jan 4 17 6:04 PM

Fantôme was the 40th most sold album in the world in 2016 according with Media Traffic.

Also, it achieved #12 in US Billboard World Year End Chart.

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Jan 11 17 10:32 PM

^ Yep, seems like PUNPEE only took samples from Hikki's songs, which makes this remix uniquely Utada's technically haha

I'm surprised about the negative reaction people are giving this EP on JPS, they're just ripping it apart for no good reason. I do admit though that the mastering is terrible on these remixes, the bass is literally overloaded on some parts. But the remixes I think offer a pretty interesting take on the songs, and aren't cookie-cutter remixes; they've got some different instruments thrown in the mix like strings and varying percussions and not the standard build-up and drop kinda EDM.

The P's CLUB MIX was a pleasant surprise, it was actually more chill than I expected lol. I also like that PUNPEE put a bit of layering or auto-tuning to her Hikari vocals for both Hikari remixes, I've always found her studio version vocals to be a bit sharp for the song, especially after hearing her UTADA UNITED 2006 performance of the song, which is probably the most perfect the song will ever be sung. It's especially noticeable at the bridge, where her vocals were usually really sharp cuz of the stacked on falsetto tracks, but he made it sound like the bridge in Simple And Clean, which was always noticeably more refined.

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Jan 11 17 11:51 PM

YEAH I NOTICED THAT TOO ON JPS LIKE WTF. I didn't think it was as bad as everyone made it out to be!
I do really like the effects on the voice too! It makes it sounds a little fresh too, I almost thought they were new vocals for a hot second haha. And yeah, the P's CLUB MIX was a looooot more chill than expected. I do wonder if they really are gonna have it be the ending song for 2.8 then....

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