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Oct 28 15 1:06 AM

smiley: happy Happy 33rd Birthday Mai.smiley: happy   In about 2 hours Japan time those lucky fan club members get their own birthday presents wonder what songs she is going to sing.

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Jul 13 16 1:49 AM

So so excited Mai announced on her official website that she will be singing the ending theme to Detective Conan the song is called SAWAGE*LIFE airing July 30.smiley: eek  Release TBD

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Oct 4 16 2:14 AM

Mai just recently finished a mini tour in China last month while apparently working on some music along the way.  According to her website she will go on tour next year starting on March 18.   Live Project 2017 "Sawage * Live"

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Nov 22 16 5:40 AM

Of course, it has to be some kind of weird ass single and not an actual single. "Video single", give me a break. Apparently now we have to rip blu rays and dvds just to get a listenable file. And of course there is going to be only one song on it. I just hate releases like these because they always feel so partial and incomplete, as if the artist didn't release anything, really. Whatever happened to releasing normal singles with b-sides on them?

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Nov 22 16 9:14 PM

^ They are just trying to keep her pointless top ten record for singles.

Her releases after 2012 haven't had much replay value for me. I hope she releases something soon that isn't just another generic CM song/anime theme.

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Jan 17 17 9:10 AM

CDJapan notified me about the album, I was very surprised. While I am really glad about it, I'm just disappointed that her actual singles after her last albums were on the best album, and she's including the new digital singles which were pretty much all bad or mediocre.

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Feb 16 17 2:50 AM

I found song previews on her website and I love what I hear so far.smiley: smile  From what little there is of the songs I find a mix of ballad, mid-tempo , rock, dance and some hints of RnB. Can't judge until I hear all the full songs but I might rank this album a little below Future Kiss and above Over The Rainbow.

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Feb 16 17 4:49 AM

I was disappointed with the album on the first few listens. I mean, the songs are all okay, but nothing that special. Only songs I love are きみへのうた, I Like It and maybe Tell me why. きみへのうた is really beautiful! Overall, for a wait of so many years I think they could have given her at least more memorable songs.

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Mar 1 17 2:51 AM

Sorry so late but the first week sales are up she sold 21,222 copies coming in at #4 and second week sold another 2,687.    Now onto the newest news it was announced that she will be providing the theme song to the newest Detective Conan movie coming out on April 15.  The song is titled Togetsukyou ~kimi omofu~ release date will be announced at a later date we can assume that it will around the release of the movie.smiley: happysmiley: happy

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