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May 28 15 5:19 PM

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Nobuchika Eri (信近エリ)

Since she was a child, Nobuchika Eri had dreamed of becoming a great singer. When she was 17, she sent her tape to the Sony Music SD's "Gonna be a Star" Audition, but she forgot to write her address on her application. When the president of the audition wanted to contact her, he called Fukuoka's post office and asked the postman about the address of a girl called "Nobuchika Eri". He eventually found her, and producer Osawa Shinichi immediately fell in love with Nobuchika's voice. Even though seven labels were offering her deals, Nobuchika signed with the major label Sony Music Associated Records.

In spring 2004 when Nobuchika finished high school, she and Osawa started with the recording of her debut single, "Lights". The song had two major tie-in's: It was used as the theme song to the PSP video game, "Lumines" and was the theme song to the movie, "Shinku". Months later, she released her second single, "Voice".

In June of 2005, Nobuchika released her third single, "Sketch for Summer", the single didn't do as well as the prior singles and only reached #175 on the Oricon. She then started to host her own radio program called, "the swallowtail radio", where she answers questions from her fans, and talks about her upcoming releases. Nobuchika's next single, "Kodou" was used as the Mobilecast mLink CM song, and failed to even chart on the Oricon. Two weeks later came the release of her self-titled debut album, nobuchikaeri. The album fared better than her previous releases ranking in at #61 on the Oricon. The album even had an overseas version released, which mainly only happens with top sellers.

In April 2009, Eri announced that her first mini-album, hands, would be released on June 3, 2009, under the label Hills Records. Eri also launched her mixi account and a Myspace page with song samples, along with a live concert on release day to coincide with the new album. This mini-album failed to make an appearance on the Oricon Weekly Charts. In April 2015, Eri announced yet another return to music after a six-year hiatus, signing with rhythm zone, reuniting with her debut album's producer, Osawa Shinichi, as labelmates. Currently, no releases have been announced.

[2005.12.21] nobuchikaeri
[2006.05.10] nobuchikaeri.rx (Remix Album)

[2009.06.03] hands

[2004.12.08] Lights
[2005.04.06] Voice
[2005.06.29] Sketch for Summer
[2005.12.07] Kodou (鼓動Pulsation)

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May 28 15 5:23 PM

So it has come to my attention that she's back in the music industry. She's now under Rhythm Zone. She's been participating on a weekly music show called "Suiyou Kayousai" and has released a demo video showcasing her covers:

If you are not familiar with Nobuchika, I suggest listening to her debut album which is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. A classic.



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May 28 15 5:30 PM

Osiris wrote:
I loved her first album !
Me too! I'm so happy to see that she resumed her musical activities. I wish she'll make a real comeback soon! I just want more people to notice her. ^_^

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#5 post_url

Jul 14 16 7:40 PM

The wait is finally almost over. She will be releasing something on October 5th 2016. Meanwhile, two new songs will be promoted through TV. One is called "Kimi no Koe wo", used for a drama and the other, "Aamouisso" will used for a show.

I hope she delivers. I have a feeling they might be very safe songs.

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#7 post_url

Aug 7 16 10:57 PM

DeepFried wrote:
 I have a feeling they might be very safe songs.

10 points for you.
Although, I feel like her voice has bounced back after how she applied it during "hands".

Actually...I like this preview. It feels vocally like her first album. The arrangement is good so far. Yeah, she is still worth keeping tabs on!

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#8 post_url

Aug 8 16 11:41 AM

Sooooooooo happy that she is back! Her voice and style has matured and she has diversified from those showcase cover clips on YouTube. I have been a fan since her debut too and yep, her debut album is jpop perfection. Just sooo happy she is singing again.

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#10 post_url

Sep 29 16 10:09 AM

I'll wait for an official announcement but on her latest Instagram post, they just completed mastering her mini-album titled "III" (three) which seems to have been pushed back to November 2nd.

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#12 post_url

Sep 29 16 4:50 PM

luminaire wrote:
^ The album's up for pre-order, so I guess it's safe to say that 2nd November is fixed.
Thanks for confirming! I'm glad it's coming for real now!

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Oct 13 16 10:08 PM


01. Everybody needs love
02. アァモウイッソ
03. たったひとつの恋
04. Hello
05. 君の声を
06. Beautiful
07. Woman "Wの悲劇"より

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