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May 18 16 12:27 PM

Secret was just so effortlessly beautiful (imo anyway) even with the weak photoshop of the stars and hair, and lazy text

But then I guess i'd just be happy with her having long hair shorts again, can't stand her hair short

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May 19 16 2:07 AM

I remember reading the news of Secret jumping from supposedly being a mini album into a full length album. And this was back when I was in high school! Agh! 10 years ago! I'm old xD

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May 19 16 4:17 AM

Speaking of album covers I remember I didn't care for the ones for Lovesongs, but then I saw them in HD and my god! I even thought that mountains reflected in her eyes were photoshopped by the person who shared the HD pictures, but no, it was intensional in the first place. These covers are really sweet, I love them.

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May 20 16 8:39 AM

I agree with you though. Secret wasn't "bad" because of Ayu but mostly because of the work that was done after. I actually didn't even notice you could see the scenery in her eyes on the Love songs cover. Interesting.

Is anyone buying the TA version of the album?

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May 20 16 12:10 PM

They should just pull an AKB48 and take HQ screenshots of the 'part of Me' music video, so many scenes in that would make perfect covers

All her looks in that MV were perfect, be kinda stereotypical covers for a Japan thing but ugh she looks like a goddess in that MV

I'll probably sign up to get my hands on the TA editions if the covers are different to other editions like with Colours

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May 21 16 10:25 AM

One can dream that the covers are going to look anything close to the "part of Me" MV. Unfortunately, there's always the possibility that she uses the magazine's photoshoot for the album covers.

Thanks for the recording! Her voice is fine. Hopefully she keeps this up throughout the tour.

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Jun 7 16 1:58 PM

Japanese horror movie posters. I like the CD+DVD+whatever one!
Still miss the colours and the slay from them, but she tries to shake off the 'plastic' for years.
Now she's like more 'organic' artist IMO.

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Jun 7 16 8:15 PM

WTF do those covers have to do with ~Made in Japan~?

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Jun 8 16 4:08 AM

Diferent cover from the ones she has been making before, i liked that, bit still don't get the concept of the tied and i can't help thinking horror japanese movie too... :-D

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Jun 8 16 4:27 AM

covers remind me of bondage-films 完全なる饲育 (Perfect Education) series. i watched part-4: 秘密の地下室.... many years ago. its really very Japanese cover art.
Elsewhere ( it says MV are made for Flower and Mad World.

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Jun 17 16 9:58 AM

Ah, covers are a bit weak but she's never been really on point with her album covers IMO. I wonder if the MVs where done by her team again, seems like it. They seem decent though.

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Jun 20 16 6:06 AM

DeepFried wrote:
Ah, covers are a bit weak but she's never been really on point with her album covers IMO. I wonder if the MVs where done by her team again, seems like it. They seem decent though.

What? I believe most of her album covers are pretty iconic. The duds began after Party Queen, and only because they were all pretty much the same.

The PV's are nice, I don't mind them at all.

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Jun 20 16 3:18 PM

They should have had a photoshoot at the Flower MV set.

That MV concept is Ayu's hybrid aesthetic of modern/classic Japan. Basically M~A~DE IN JAPAN...

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Jun 21 16 9:21 AM

I'd say her posture/hand movements were very "Japanese" (for lack of a better word). That, combined with one of Japan's favorite symbols, the butterflies on her dress. However, she goes on a frenzy and rips everything off.

It's like, "fuck this, fuck that. I'm tired of looking pretty, I wanna run away from it." Regarding her covers, well, some of them are very symbolic yes, like A BEST or I am. But most of the time they don't have a statement. She's beautiful, yeah but there's no clear direction to it. For example, MY STORY is her in a hotel room. (miss)understood has a smile with a heart. Actually, Party Queen is one of the few where the cover is trying to represent the album. (I can still remember her talking about the hidden meaning behind it. hahaha)

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