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Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

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Mar 25 15 11:16 AM

Each day full lyrics will be revealed for each song form today.

浜崎あゆみ『A ONE』
01. a Bell
02. WARNING → 3月26日より
03. NO FUTURE → お楽しみに
04. Anything for You → お楽しみに
05. Last minute → 3月25日より
06. Zutto... → 3月25日より
07. Out of control → お楽しみに
08. Story → お楽しみに
09. The GIFT → 3月25日より
10. The Show Must Go On → お楽しみに
11. Walk → 3月25日より

I think it means that Anything for you is a full song.

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Mar 25 15 7:11 PM

Full MV of Last Minute is up on YT !

She looks stunning and the concept is interesting. But she's not pushing it, so overall it's boring.. 

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Mar 25 15 7:21 PM

She looks amazing and I think with maybe a few more different scenes it would have been a really gripping MV, but overall it's REALLY boring and forgettable
Which is a shame really since she looks amazing, the outfits are amazing and I like what there is in it concept wise, but it's still a pretty empty PV that they didn't seem to want to put any money into producing (but then when do they recently as far as MV's go)

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Mar 25 15 7:30 PM

Yeah, nice concept but more should've been done to make this interesting (way too many pitch black moments). She looks great and I still love the song.

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Mar 25 15 8:49 PM

Is it only me who think so or why do I think that there are no more details and love in her music videos? In old times they decorated everything as perfect as they could and now like the matter is only on HD.

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JPC Admin

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Mar 25 15 9:11 PM

I don't really think that's a fair assessment. She works within what's feasible for her in 2015. Her budget for her music videos are obviously not what they used to be for very obvious reasons which means finding creative ways to express her ideas without going into the red. She does what she can, I'm sure. When you accept it's 2015 and not 2005, you'll be able to be more realistic about her current output.

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Mar 25 15 9:40 PM

There are a lot of independent or unfamous singers who do great music videos in 2015. By the way I can't feel any emotion of her bouncing, thought at the start of the rock music some wind or something will blow her from back but no there was only the lamp lol

Last Edited By: Serdar Mar 25 15 9:43 PM. Edited 1 time.

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JPC Admin

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Mar 25 15 9:55 PM

I agree, there are. Perhaps she's just creatively tapped out. Nearly 20 years in the industry with no breaks will do that to you.

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Mar 25 15 10:14 PM

There's very heavy feelings in "Last Minute", so maybe an "all-out glitsy MV' wouldn't have done the song much justice. I think she wants people to maybe pay more attention to the song itself instead of what's happening in the music video. As for the video, it was simple and seeing her rock out and feel her song was amazing :-) The swinging light really set the mood.

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Mar 26 15 12:17 AM

There are creative ways to do simplicity on a small budget without resorting to cliches. So much they could have done with camera work and editing. Imagine if it had been a one take video that starts with a close up of her face, slowly zooming out, with the swinging light still casting light/shadow alternating the whole time. And then maybe revealing that she's sitting in a room with a slightly more interesting setting, like an interrogation table, or a messed up room with broken glass or SOMETHING. I can't imagine they actually set down and thought "We have a hundred bucks to spend, this is SURELY THE BEST WAY to do it". I mean well, okay, they did, and we got this video, but it's such a waste.


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Mar 26 15 1:05 AM

Not at this being the one PV from this album that people don't like considering its probably the only good one...

Frankly, the ONLY problem with it was ditching the double-Ayu concept when the song shifted to rock. Otherwise it was pretty stellar, simple, emotional. Not everything needs to be a big production to be good I mean, WARNING is really dull because it's a big production and she's over made-up. Sure the PV's not captivating and the most interesting thing in the world, but it does its job of conveying the song well.

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Mar 26 15 12:10 PM



even though the scene with two Ayus is underused, but overall after considering the concept and the execution, for the first time in many many years her PV actually made me excited to watch again and again.

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Mar 26 15 4:29 PM

Oh man. Reading the lyrics of the songs for A ONE, I believe Ayu's finally back. "Out of control" really gets to me for some reason. I really can't wait for the album to be released.

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Mar 27 15 2:19 AM

Were there even any TA shop bonuses for ordering A ONE through them? (Like poster / notebook, etc)
Was holding out to join TA to get the limiteds from there but since they're not TA limited covers, unless they have limited bonuses I think i'll just order the 3 versions from Tower Records

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