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Mar 23 15 12:01 PM

I think I've listened the album enough to have an opinion about it.
Here's my review:

Introduction ❤❤❤❤❤ 5/5
Yaaaaaaaas, that's what I'm talking about. I love the clapping, I love the urban rhythm. I'm always here for some urban Kuu.

Dance In The Rain ❤❤❤❤ 4/5
I love this song, I love the video. The only downside of it is the excessive screaming during the chorus, otherwise it would've been flawless.

Lippy ❤❤ 2/5
The pre-chorus section is really great, I love it and her voice shines there. The chorus on the other hand is a mess. The melody is boring, the instrumental is the definition of noisy and I never really liked her rapping lol

Mercedes ❤ 1/5
Hmmmm no. The instrumental is really interesting but the melody is awful ugh.

Like It ❤❤❤❤❤ 5/5
YAAAAAAS. Love it from start to finish. Love the trumpets, the talking-singing works here and the chorus is catchy as hell.

House Party ❤ 1/5
Yeah.... anh... no. That "hey let's go part" really annoys me. I get the whole "throwback" feeling but it just didn't work for me. It just sounds dated and not "dated fresh" if that makes any sense. The lyrics are also cheap and corny as hell.

Interlude ❤ 1/5
Dance dance dance all you gotta dance dance dance boring

HOTEL ❤❤❤❤ 4/5
It's a really good song, I didn't really like it at first but it ended up being a grower for me. I love the instrumental, it's really rich and I warmed up to the talking-singing part and the "HO-TEL" shout lol but they are the downside of this song for sure.

Gimme U ❤❤❤❤ 4/5
It's quite catchy. I like the piano instrumental, the melody is really nice and her voice sounds great too. Probably one of my favorite album tracks. Great to listen when walking by the sea in a sunny day.

You can keep up with me ❤❤❤ 3/5
Another rocktronic track with some shouting. I don't really think I would listen to it in my house but this one is actually pretty good when driving or in the gym, really gets you pumped.

MONEY IN MY BAG ❤❤❤❤❤ 5/5
One of my favorites. I love it, the rhythm is contagious and the chorus is so catchy you really can't listen to it without moving some part of your body.

Just like You can keep up with me it's a good track to get you pumped, the chorus is really catchy. I'm using it as my wake up alarm. Works beautifully :P

Fake Tongue ❤❤ 2/5
It's... quite interesting and just like some of the others, it gets you going. Too much shouting for my taste though.

Sometimes Dream Come True ❤❤ 2/5
The verses are really nice, I like it. The chorus on the other hand... not really my cup of tea. Too much YEAYEAYAYEAHEY.

LIFE so GOOD ❤❤❤ 3/5
The only "jpop" song on the album lol It follows the same path as some of her past rockish songs, it's catchy. Probably only included so she could have a "wave your towel with me" song in the tour.

WALK OF MY LIFE ❤❤❤❤❤ 5/5
I love everything about it. The piano, the clapping, the verses, the lyrics, her voice, the chorus, literally everything lol It's the best song of the album for me. A perfect closing song for a concert.

Overall: ❤❤ 2.5/5

It's definitely not one of my favorites. I'm not a fan of too much screaming and screeching so some of the songs were ruined for me because of this.
I think it's really nice she's trying some new things and doing what she really wants with her music but tbh I never really got into the whole rocktronic sound and her shouting doesn't really make it easier lol I know it fits this type of music I just don't really think it fits HER voice.
I know some people liked it also because it seems more cohesive than her most recent works and I agree, I do find it more cohesive. Her first albums until secret were also cohesive though and I prefer them any day over WALK OF MY LIFE (I would die if she ever re-record affectionsmiley: roll)
Anyway, this is just my opinion. Let's see if something changes when I see her performing it live (with a band please). Some songs really receive a whole new treatment which make them a lot better.

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Mar 23 15 12:31 PM

You people should check out the lyrics for Lippy. It's about an outgoing female and how she is received. Kuu says in on of the interviews released, that Lippy represents herself very well. That's why she put it as the first album track after DITR. It totally made me appreciate the song more.

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Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

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Mar 23 15 1:07 PM

^Sometimes it's like that with ayu when people don't like a musical style/arrangement or stuff she does but the lyrics/ideas behind the songs and music are great.
 Most jpop listeners don't care about these stuff though, they don't understand and a lot of time don't want to understand what that listen to, it just sounds good to them (and some are in great lyrics doesn't make up for music that's not for there taste mode).
 But I think that ayu or kuu are two artists that even if their write their own lyrics and they are good, their music is mostly as awesome as the lyrics.

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Mar 23 15 1:16 PM

Yeah, you're right. But I can see where people are coming from. If you don't like a musical style, you just don 't like it. Good lyrics are just a plus, at least for me. But everybody can give credit when some effort was put in. Though in Lippy Kuu is pretty critical about someone like her is handled. I guess it's like Ayu's WARNING to make a fitting comparison.

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Mar 23 15 1:50 PM

I like the shouting, I would have just toned down the dance in the rain chorus but all the rest is cool as it is. her voice sounds very clear and never nasal (at least in the studio) so I really don't mind. It also fits the aggressive sound of the songs. As for Lippy, she doesn't shout at all here. She barely sings, it's mostly rap.

Anyway, it's clear that this album is focused on the production side instead of the melodies and I'm ok with that just for a change. I was growing tired of her excessive melodies, especially of her ballads.

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Mar 23 15 7:37 PM

Lucas wrote:
Do you guys think she's done with (physical) singles?

I don't know. Her sales are constantly dropping but she is still a top 10 artist after all. The tour will be the true trial for her this time more than ever. If it goes well than we might assume kumi is still a popular singer that people go to see live but is too old to be appealing on the charts.

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Mar 23 15 9:45 PM

mitsuhoney wrote:
BANZAI wrote:
mitsuhoney wrote:
Last year I did a Bon Voyage inspired photoshoot, I had the picture up as my display picture for awhile. But awhile back when Gossip Candy came out (I think it was on the old forum?) I put a display picture up of myself licking my finger with a cupcake in my hand like the front cover of that single and I got A LOT of backlash from people on the forums (not sure who they even were anymore) but it really hurt me. Had it not been for the great Kumi fans who actually appreciated it and defended me, I think I would have left Jpop Central. I remember it hurting me so much that I took down my video of myself at a talent show (which I had won first place) dancing to TABOO from YouTube because they were that hurtful.

That's so mean frown.gif Why would fans bash another fan for said fan loving one of his favorite artists?
Yeah I thought so too it was really bad, I even changed my display picture but many supporters told me to change it back. I am just glad that not the entire internet is filled with bad people.

Some people are turds when online. :/ It's really too bad that being essentially anonymous makes people feel more powerful to express opinions in extreme ways.
I don't remember any of this going down, but I'd love to see some of your photos!
Your current avatar reminds me of the stay with me cover, or of something Utada Hikaru would use as a promo photo.

sora2525 wrote:
It's up on JPS!

Aaah, I don't have an account. And registration is closed. :/

ALSO! My copy of Walk Of My Life arrived today! Tenso is super quick! Can't wait to give it a spin!!

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Mar 23 15 10:00 PM

sock marks: That is so true! Actually, with the avatar I have now I wanted to go with a すきで。。。look but I guess it ended up more like stay with me which is great as well lol I will probably make a new avatar for my photoshoot inspired by WOML soon, glad to have your support.

How is she already placed as number one for the week when its not been a full week yet? Am I missing something? Maybe I am so drowned out from work that I am just having a brain fart right now.

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Mar 24 15 1:49 AM

My review on WALK OF MY LIFE

Introduction ~WALK OF MY LIFE~ - 5/5 (Such a great intro but the ending should have been edited better)
Dance In The Rain - 5/5 (This song is just too good! It has that new Kumi style meets that old Kumi style, really well done)
Lippy - 5/5 (What made me love the song was the rapid paced verses, she does it so well, the low key "Lippy like a rude girl" does take awhile to get used to but it is catchy)
Mercedes - 5/5 (I did not think I would love this song at all, but it is indeed a grower and really catchy, at times it seems the music is not paced at the same time as the vocals, is that done purposely?)
Like It - 5/5 (Love this song, it is short but sweet and the dance makes me love the song even more, I may have to master it and use it as a performance sometime)
House Party - 3/5 (Love the catchy chorus but the song does not really reel me in to love it more, it seems quite messy to me and not in a good way)
Interlude ~Dance~ - 4/5 (Addicted to the lines she sings but my only gripe about it is that I wish it was longer, it seems too short even as an interlude, I was expecting more)
HOTEL - 5/5 (Pretty much love this song the moment it came out its very Kumi, not much else can be said other than being a great single)
Gimme U - 3/5 (Not a bad song but there are vibes I get from it that reminded me of Taylor and its not really to my liking, its not an instant skip though since it is quite catchy)
You can keep up with me - 5/5 (In love with this song, probably my favorite of the album songs, I love how it has that reggae beat to it)
MONEY IN MY BAG - 5/5 (Honestly, I was 50/50 on this song, but since the album I think I grew to appreciate it even more and love it so much more now! This too may be a performance song for me)
PIECE IN THE PUZZLE - 2.5/5 (Not really crazy about this song, I mean it is not horrible but its not really captivating me and I tend to skip it)
Fake Tongue - 2.5/5 (Not a bad song either but I kind of was expecting more of it)
Sometimes Dreams Come True - 2.5/5 (Not crazy about this song either, but it is ok for me, should be a nice song to see performed live, maybe it would change my view on it)
LIFE so GOOD!! - 4/5 (Surprisingly a very good and catchy song, I can see this song as the "towel dance" or the "pre-encore" song in her live)
WALK OF MY LIFE - 5/5 (The only ballad on the whole album (I consider DITR a midtempo) and it is a great title track)

Overall Score: 4/5

I do understand how this album might not appeal to everyone, I see it as more of an experimental album. She has challenged her music a great deal in this album and it was quite a bold step in this direction in my opinion. It worked very well for her and the album flows quite well (in fact, I dont think I would have rearranged anything!) and I love the attention she has given these past years to her international fans, I mean I know we love her for her original music but I think this album was to show us that she can broaden her musical appetite. These songs are going to be great in performing and I am really looking forward to seeing it. I do wish Avex gave her a bigger budget for the album seems like the concept and videos were a bit rushed in effort. WALK OF MY LIFE does look better in HD but the music video is just all over the place...

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Mar 24 15 4:28 AM

All the translations for her new lyrics are out. I like how the first 3 (including the introduction) and the last 3 songs refer to her life (career) while the rest are random, fun, her typical "see-what-a-cool-girl-I-am" songs.
Recently, I have been listening to all her post-Black Cherry albums with rearranged tracklists. Each album has got at least 1 song I would remove or replace with a b-side. Also, the flow of her albums has never been her strong point. For example, I really love UNIVERSE, but it really kills me how the tracklist was made up... Here is my tracklist:

1. Step into my World
2. UNIVERSE (the transition between both songs is just perfect, they are both upbeat/danceable)
3. Physical thing (I like when Kumi album starts off with songs which reflect her best side, fierce and upbeat, JAPONESQUE is the best example... that is why I think Physical thing right after UNIVERSE fits just perfectly)
4. No Way (I like how after 2-3 upbeat songs her album slows down a bit, so it does not get too monotonous)
5. Stay (just one slow song would be too random and I personally think the transition between both songs is really nice)
6. ECSTASY (the album is back to a more upbeat tone, the next section is rock oriented so I think ECSTASY works pretty well here since it does contain some rock elements, too)
7. Work it out!
8. Hashire! (I know that many people hate this song, but in my opinion it really fits well right here and it is not as messy -all over the place- as It's all Love!... at least to me I left out the song with misono because it is more in her style, I would rather include it in the best album, to me the UNIVERSE era began when the 3 SPLASH single was released)
9. Can We Go Back (it can be switched with the previous song, hard to decide )
10. You're so beautiful (the album slows down again and I think right after Can We Go Back/Hashire! no other song than this could fit)
11. SUPERSTAR (I am not really a fan of her sugar pop songs, but the ones on UNIVERSE are not that bad... in general this kind of songs are nice for the last section, uplifting and positive)
12. Lick Me <3
13. Comes up (the song works really well near the end and I love it)
14. Alive (it does not fit anywhere else, it is just perfect as a close up track)

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Mar 24 15 4:58 AM

sock marks wrote:
sora2525 wrote:
It's up on JPS!

Aaah, I don't have an account. And registration is closed. :/

I can invite you if you send me your e-mail in PM.

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Mar 24 15 6:03 AM

Yeah basically all of us agree on that. Her tracklists have been a real issue for most of her albums. Especially after secret. I think her most cohesive albums are affection, feel my mind, dejavu and walk of my life. I rearranged basically every single tracklist. Trick and kingdom could have been true masterpieces but in their original versions they are so messy despite being extremely good overall. Same for universe but I think that was made on purpose since it was a celebrative album for her 10th anniversary And it's a beautiful collection of songs.

I think I'm going to review feel my mind or kingdom for koda kumi italian fan club website very soon posting my personal tracklists

I know that many of you don't like my reviews but I have so much fun doing them lol 😂
You shouldn't take me so seriously because I'm the first to make a fool of myself! I was just wishing to gather Kumi's fans to discuss her albums separately.

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Mar 24 15 9:53 AM

I have to make my own review of WALK OF MY LIFE for my spanish blog but for me this new album is something fresh and original in the jpop industry.
Also I love so much Koda's voice! It sounds so f*cking cool and powerful!
She is trying to do the music she likes without thinking about the market and for me it is so cool for her. She needed it. She is trying new things that are closer to her own music taste. Sometimes she makes big hits like MONEY IN MY BAG, for me is a masterpiece, too repetitive I know, and sometimes she is a hot mess like Mercedes. I don not why but Lippy and Mercedes for me are great and the rest of the world hate them

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Mar 24 15 12:34 PM

Lucas wrote:
Do you guys think she's done with (physical) singles?

I think she should only release physical when she gets good tie-ins Like anime OP or dramas.
Digital for all and physical for fc members should be fine.

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