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Jul 11 14 8:37 AM

Was worried aoi tsuki would end up on it. They should've left it off and had a 10 track album, one track for each personality from the cover (because the yaburekabure and soldier! soldier! outfit personalities are already represented)

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Jul 11 14 10:36 PM

I actually kind of hate how every song is showing a different "side" or sound -- it makes the album lack cohesiveness and just sounds like they're throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. "Flare" was six years ago and this is almost a complete retread of it: a bunch of watered-down demo-sounding tracks that are far below a singer of Shimatani's ability.

I honestly don't know if I'll be picking this up.

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#264 post_url

Jul 12 14 11:05 AM

Despite the diversity, the whole thing still felt cohesive to me overall.. Sure the flow won't be perfect but it's on par with Hitomi's musical identity

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#265 post_url

Jul 13 14 12:31 AM

Based on the previews, I think my favorites from this album will be "Oss Mess Kiss Killaly!!", "Cali≒Cata≒Luca ~カリカタルカ 仮初めの呪文~", and "ソルジャー!ソルジャー!".

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Jul 13 14 10:34 AM

I was wondering the same, and found this on google:

"Oss Mess Kiss Killaly" means "Male, Female, Kiss, Twinkle." This is nothing but a string of words.

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Jul 15 14 7:33 AM

Just got my album! The photo booklet is really nice. There's about three~four pages for each of the different Hitomi's, and profiles for each different Hitomi at the end of it.

And the music sounds a lot better in high quality! It's not the super powerful, banging album I was hoping for, but it's still pretty great overall. (Now we just have to figure out what happened to "VENUS" and "COMMUNICATION".

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#273 post_url

Jul 18 14 7:28 AM

So I am pretty happy with the album~ There's a fair shared of more upbeat songs. The Seiya! Seiya! is awesome The ballads are nice as well. I think there's only 2-3 tracks I don't like much. Over-all I think the whole release is more cohesive than Flare.

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Jul 18 14 5:27 PM

I quite like the album! There's some enka (I think?) and the songs are excellent. "Cali≒Cata≒Luca" is probably my favorite song. And I agree, it's better than Flare! The booklet pictures are also funny haha. I found this one quite disturbing though lol.

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Jul 20 14 9:51 AM

Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca

Kouru tsuki no shizuku abireba
Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca
Mawaru mawaru kari some no jumon
Gensou jouzetsu ni katari dasu
Haruka kanata koi mo wasurete

Iroha ni somete kaigi no yokan unmei no tsunawatari

Damasarete damashite kon'ya dake no Illusion
Hoho ni kaita namida wa Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca
Gaman shite mo shinakute mo fukiageru Confusion
Kamen tsukete shiranpuri shite
Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca...

Touku kikoeta kage no koe wa
Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca
Hibiku hibiku kari some no jumon
Genzou hi no wa kuguru shuuchishin
Toru ka soru ka kokoro wasurete

Sakasa ni hikare saigo no bibou 
Shukumei no kaiga geki

Ayatsurare ayatsutte tameshite hazeta yume
Na mo shiranai anata ni
Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca
Koukai shite mo shinakute mo someageru hakuchuumu
Garasunokutsu de odora sete
Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca...
Mekakushi no mamade ii

Murasaki no kagerou tobari yurameite

Damasarete damashite kon'ya dake no Illusion
Haritsuketa egao ni Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca
Kautenkouru ga mitainara shinka shite ku Confusion
Me ga samete shimau mae ni
Cali ≒ Cata ≒ Luca...

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#278 post_url

Jul 23 14 7:47 AM

Album at #52 with only 1,717 copies sold. Ouch. I was hoping she'd at least break 2,000. I hope this doesn't cause her to stop releasing music again...

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#280 post_url

Dec 10 15 11:11 PM

New "mini album" out February 3, "kokoro no mama ni & sessions"

Features new song "kokoro no mama ni" (the way of the heart) and a bunch of old songs re-recorded. So more of a single. The new song is the theme song to a new drama too.

M-1 心のままに
M-2 亜麻色の髪の乙女(こころのままにSESSION)
M-3 Neva Eva(こころのままにSESSION)
M-4 Dragonfly(こころのままにSESSION)
M-5 fu・wa・ri(こころのままにSESSION)
M-6 口づけしよう(こころのままにSESSION)
M-7 心のままに(gut guitar melody version)※
M-8 心のままに(愛おしくてversion)※

- 心のままに Music Video
- behind the scene shot 1
- fu・wa・ri(こころのままにSESSION)
- behind the scene shot 2

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