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May 7 12 8:50 AM

Gosh I cannot wait until next month! I really miss Jolin! Myself was amazing I cant wait to hear more!

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May 7 12 10:13 AM

I really hope we'll get the album by the end of June but I think it will be more like July-August :/
Her manager is mum at the moment on his Weibo, we don't even know if all the new album's songs have been chosen
This new album better be good, it's been 2 years since Myself after all!

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May 11 12 4:14 AM

Jolin will release her album in August, her manager said so today.


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Jun 6 12 7:21 AM

Some news about the album!

On yesterday it has been revealed that the album will be released by the end of August/early September. It doesn't surprise me since recently Jolin's manager answered to a girl who asked on his Weibo "Will Jolin's album really be released in August?" by saying something like "We're doing everything we can/we're working on it" which led people to think that the album would be released in September.
The article added that Jolin began dance rehearsals for a new song.

Recording has started, Jolin said so yesterday on her Weibo.

By the way
SELF magazine pics

Shanghai TV Weekly magazine pics

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Jun 22 12 4:45 AM

Amber Kuo (signed under Warner as well) will release her new album in August. So it's very likely that Jolin's album will be released in September.

Jolin might go to the UK in October as part of her Myself World Tour.
Someone from Myself World Tour's staff said on his Weibo that he will go to the UK in October, and someone asked if it was related to the Tour.

宮小慈: RT @ 电光石火旭颖: Yes, yes ~ Jolin to move forward to England...!

So this "RT" is basically like saying yes
I'm waiting for some kind of confirmation to post it on my blog, but if it really happens, I think it will be held in The O2 in London Like A-Mei's.

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Jul 14 12 6:40 AM

Jolin revealed on her Weibo and Facebook that she was rehearsing the dance for the new album with Parris Goebel!!

Jolin doing hip-hop??
Jolin revealed today that preorders for the new album will begin at the end of August. This means that we should get the album in mid-September.
The 1st MV has been shot outdoors at Kaohsiung MRT East Station!

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Jul 14 12 12:46 PM

Damn! I seriously cannot wait any longer the suspense is driving me crazy!

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Jul 31 12 8:38 AM

mitsuhoney wrote:
I hope she can do one in New York.
Very unlikely unfortunately.
According to articles I read, the London concert will be her only date outside of Asia for this Tour.
Maybe in the next one?

Myself World Tour will end in January 2013 after 31 dates and an estimated audience of 620,000 people. We know 27 dates at the moment. There will be "Encore" dates for Taipei and Malaysia, but no details yet, that's why they're not in the list.
By the way, this Tour is by far her longest to date.
12/24 Taipei Arena
12/25 Taipei Arena
12/26 Taipei Arena

05/07 Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang)
05/21 Shanghai (Hongkou Football Stadium)
05/28 Beijing (Beijing Workers' Stadium)
06/11 Malaysia (Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur)
06/24 Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong Coliseum)
06/25 Hong-Kong (Hong-Kong Coliseum)
07/02 Guangzhou (Guangzhou Gymnasium)
07/16 Changzhou (Changzhou Olympic Sports Center)
08/26 Jiangyin (Jiangyin Sports Center)
09/09 Tianjin (Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium)
09/17 Nanjing (Nanjing Olympic Sports Center)

04/20 Wenzhou (Sports Center Stadium)
07/14 Shanghai (Mercedes-Benz Arena)
08/25 Macao (The Venetian: Cotai Arena)
09/15 Beijing (Beijing Workers' Stadium)
09/22 Foshan (Foshan Lingnan Pearl Stadium)
10/21 London (Wembley Arena)
10/27 Quanzhou (Strait Stadium)
11/03 Shenzhen (Shenzhen Bay Sports Center)
11/10 Wuhan (Hongshan Gymnasium)
11/24 Fuzhou (Fujian Province Sports Center Stadium)
12/08 Chengdu (Sichuan Province Gymnasium)
12/16 Guangzhou (Guangzhou International Sports Center for the Performing Arts)

01/05 Yangzhou (Yangzhou Sports Park Stadium)

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Aug 5 12 10:11 AM

大艺术家?Sound interesting.

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